Why can’t I use remote assistance?
    1. When using the monitoring system for the first time, the system will detect whether JRE has been installed according to user’s browser environment. If not, a dialog box will pop up to prompt you to manually download and finish the installation of JRE. You can then reopen the browser and ...
    Why does the installation of client agent fail?
    1. Verify whether the client has been started and whether the connection between server and client is OK. 2. Verify whether Simple File Sharing has been enabled on the client; if yes, disable this feature. 3. Verify whether the username and password are correct. 4. Verify whether firewall has...
    Why can’t I find the file on the client while file copying task indicates “Success”?
    While adding the task, make sure you have typed the full path, which shall contain not only the target directory but the filename as well.
    Why does the task remain “Waiting” state?
    1. Whether the client is online? 2. Whether the client is being managed by this server?
    Why do the tasks always indicate “Fail” on the task information panel while they have actually been executed?
    Probable cause: You have changed the IP address of the server, but haven’t restarted the UnitedWeb service. Solution: Restart UnitedWeb service or directly restart the server.
    Why do all file-related tasks fail all the time?
    Probable causes include: – The firewall or antivirus software blocks file download. Solution: Disable the firewall or antivirus software. – The target client doesn’t support such task. On the information panel or in historical task, you will see the detailed execution result o...
    Why do I have to click “Apply” to bring configurations into effect?
    The commands assigned by the system are executed by means of task. During configuration, you are only selecting the desired options and will not take effect on the client. By clicking “Apply” button, it means the user needs to execute the configuration task and the configurations will...
    Why does the remote wakeup task indicate “Success” while the client is not waked?
    - The client agent is not started when the client is shut down. Therefore, the system will indicate “Success” once the remote wakeup message is sent. The reasons why the client doesn’t wake up may include: – The client doesn’t support remote wakeup (not supported in...
    Why don’t I get any response when clicking “Browse” in order to upload the file
    JRE must be JRE-6u16 or higher version.
    Why does printer adding fail in Windows?
    If the printer name contains character “@” and such printer is added for the first time, the operation will fail. You can delete “@” or add another printer with name containing no “@”, and then add the same type of printer with name containing “@”.

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