Can C75 support using some USB peripheral?
    No, it isn’t, but here is a suggestion that user could attach the peripheral to a server, and share peripheral on sever for other C75 to access to.
    How can I control C75 units connected outside network such as in different local (through WLAN)?
    C75 shares the video signals with host display card, all image shown C75 is different with other protocol, EG RDP, Receiver. C75 require a strict and high demand on network qualification. Wireless condition is not strong enough, and WAN is too easy to be interfered since its long distance and var...
    How many monitors can be connected to receivers at the same time and still be controlled from one sender (one source)?
    At present, we have 20 units of C75 connecting to one source, mainly deploy in a classroom for education fields.
    Which server can C75 connects as a solution for end user?
    Currently C75 can be bind with Multipoint 2012, Userful multiseat, Userful Videowall.
    Can Teradici management console restrict access for invalid smart card users?
    Restrict access for invalid smart card users is available when users information is not matched with authenticated one.
    Can Teradici management console configure tolerance of the overall network latency of up to 150 ms?
    No, it only configures network bandwidth, but not network latency.
    Can Teradici management console support capability to lock down restricted devices and to allow authorized devices?
    Currently it only can disable/enable USB port, unable to lock down restricted device and allow authorized device.
    What are the Wi-Fi models ready for Centerm client?
    Centerm offers Mini PCIE Wi-Fi model AR9462 (dual band) and 8188ee for all x86 device, and offer 8189etv internal USB Wi-Fi for ARM-based device.
    Can C91 support dual video display; can c92 support triple video display?
    Yes, it can, but not for expanded mode since the signals are from the same source output.
    What is the serial port used for?
    Serial port is used for connecting with other peripheral, such as fingerprint, serial printer and scanner in financial fields or other industries have multiple peripheral needed.

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