How to authorize Centerm software license?
    You can visit http://eip.centerm.com:8050/?currentculture=en-us, and then input username and password to authorize license. The user name and password you can get from salesman, default password usually is Centerm; until now, CCCM and SEP can support.
    Can Centerm devices support Windows?
    Centerm devices with X86 platform can support windows, but we recommend wes system which have smaller size and same function as windows.
    What difference between Wes 7 and Windows7 ?
    Wes7 (windows embedded standard 7) is a simple version of windows7, without some components which are not often used, make Wes 7 more smaller and more stable.
    How to install OS to Centerm devices?
    We have DDS tool, TCP/UP tool and ghost tool, you can get from our technician.
    How to install program or patches to Centerm devices?
    For Wes7, you must login with administrator account and have EWF disable, then installing, after that, enable EWF. For Cos, please send the program to Centerm, then we will prepare a.dat format patch, then send to you to test.
    How is K9 power capacity?
    K9”s standby time is up to 14 days and supports 1000 continuous transactions.

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