What is the mean of “Key update cycle” at“Common”—“Global Settings”—“Entire Parameter Setting”,what does it do?
    Key update cycle is used for ensure communication security between thin client and server. Part of the interaction message was encryption, while the key is changed regularly, key replacement cycle is configuration here.
    Can the server software support installation by overwriting the old version?
    The existing version of software doesn’t support overwrite installation. You will need to manually uninstall the old version of software and then install pursuant to the installation manual.
    Can I uninstall the patches installed on the server?
    Current versions of server patches don’t support recovery to the state prior to patch installation after uninstalling the patches.
    How to correctly and manually start and stop CCCM server?
    Open the list of Windows Services and start/stop UnitedWeb service.
    How to verify that CCCM server is operating normally?
    1. Verify if you can log in normally. 2. Check if the default port of 443 is accessible.
    United Web service is started after installing CCCM, but it cannot be accessed.
    Check if the CCCM’s default port of 443 has been blocked by the firewall or not.
    After the database stops, CCCM must be manually started.
    If the database stops for some reasons, CCCM won’t be able to function. You will need to wait for the database service to start and then manually restart UnitedWeb service.
    Use SEP of Webcam by connect Citrix ICA, but camera doesn’t work when use BQQ2010 video software to have video call
    Since when using BQQ webcam, Citrix camera always keeps redirection. But Citrix webcam can’t be opened, which leads to BQQ2010 unable be used. By solving this problem, by sever conducts regsvr32 “C:\Program Files\Citrix\ICA Service \CtxDSEndpoints.dll”-u. If need to use Citrix webcam redirection ...
    By user account, user uses some devices of TWAIN redirection unable export images
    This device doesn’t support User account to export images.
    What is USB redirection multi user isolation?
    When multi user isolation uses Microsoft or Citrix XenAPP connecting to cloud desk, more than one user connect to virtualization desk and redirection device at same time ,will see other user redirection devices (for example smart card ,flesh disk ).This will lead to information leak or security ...

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