While upgrading the client, does offline upgrade is supported?
    The system adopts the task scheduling mechanism. For offline clients, the installation task will be executed automatically when the client is turned on next time. Automatic upgrade is also supported for XPe patching and client upgrade.
    For the installed software, will the client prompt the user or upgrade automatically when there is a new version available on the server?
    For Microsoft patches and XPe patches, both automatic upgrade and manual upgrade are supported by the client.
    Why the default group in the client tree appears as garbage characters after installation?
    It is incurred due to the manual adding of LANG=POSIX environment variable after installing the operating system. Delete this variable and reinstall the database to solve this problem.
    Why can’t I upload the previously published Windows system image file?
    CCCM will check the extension of Windows image file. If the image file has no extension, please add the extension of “.dds” and then try again.
    Why do I fail to distribute the template using the automatic configuration policy?
    If I bind the manual group to Agent file and then bind the template in the intelligent group, the client will first upgrade Agent. After reboot, it will fail to distribute the template and prompt “client command not support”. Please make sure the Agent version running on the target c...
    Why IE can’t open CCCM login page?
    In order to strengthen the communication between CCCM and browser encryption, CCCM5.2 only supports the use of SSL v3.0 strong encryption algorithm suite browser, please make sure to use Internet explorer 8 above, and that support the 256 – bit encryption algorithm.
    When adding store nodes,all ports haven’t changed. Then put in password “Admin! “, but couldn’t connect.
    The store nodes password of CCCM V5.2 is “Admin123!”instead of “Admin!”.
    What is the mean of ‘The local space for update is short, segment will be taken!’ in tasks associated with a file?
    It is means updating when downloading.
    Can “client parameters configuration” batch clients?
    “Client parameters configuration” couldn’t configure batch clients at present. But you can finish batch clients through the “template file management” module extraction the template, then batch issued.
    Why peripheral security management will prompt “fail to get information”?
    Fail to get information, the reason maybe thin client is not on line or thin client’s version doesn’t support this template.

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