What is mini-PCIE slot function for?
    Its functions for internal wireless card and also can be attached by mSATA storage, but their signal output are entirely different.
    What is general MTBF for thin client?
    The general MTBF is 40000 Hrs.
    Can the power adaptor for thin client be universal?
    No, Centerm thin client power adapters are different for x86 and ARM device. We have 12V/3A for most x86 clients such as C92 and C71; also have 19V/4.74A for D660 and N660. Meanwhile, we have 5V/3A power adaptor for ARM device, likes and C10. Therefore, contact with sales or technician to confirm...
    Are those VESA kits and Stand accessories for all thin client models?
    No, it depends. We have VESA kits as accessories for C75, C10, C91 and C92 currently. We offer stand for almost all client modes except C75 and C91.
    Why does the system automatically log out when I just log in?
    Check if any other administrator is trying to log in using the same account.
    Why can’t I find any client?
    1. Firstly, make sure the network connection between the computer on which server programs are installed and the client doesn’t fail (use port scanning tools such as nmap to detect whether port TCP 8000 and port UDP 8000 are opened on the client). 2. Secondly, make sure the IP address of c...
    Why can’t I add the found client to management?
    1. Firstly, check if the client found has been added to management by another server (check whether the “Management Server” column on the search interface is blank). Only unmanaged clients can be added to management. 2. Secondly, verify whether your management system has expired. Whe...
    How to check the license information of CCCM server?
    Log in CCCM management interface and then click the icon at the top right corner to view license information.
    How to change CCCM database password if the database password has been changed?
    After the database password has been changed, the database password configured in CCCM must be updated. Please refer to “Server Configuration Tool > Database” sections in User Manual to change the database password configured in CCCM.
    Why can’t I add data server?
    Possible causes: – Service port is blocked by the firewall. – Data server is not installed. – The default port of 9999 is occupied by another program and thus the service cannot be started.

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