What is the zero client?
    Zero client is a server-based computing model in which the end user has no local software and very little hardware; zero client can be contrasted with a thin client which retains the operating system and each devices’ specific configuration settings in flash memory.
    Which model of zero client does Centerm involve?
    Centerm C71 and C75 are in the fields of Zero client.
    What is the different between zero client and thin client?
    Zero clients are gaining ground in the VDI market. These are client devices that require no configuration and have nothing stored on them. Zero clients often require less setup than a thin client. The deployment time can be lower provided those carrying out the deployment have properly set their ...
    Briefly introduce C71 and C75, apply C71 and C75 as a solution.
    C71 is a specialized zero client for PCoIP solution, through which user can achieve unified management of high-end graphics workstation designed to render 3D graphics solution over Teradici PCoIP Host. C75 is a specialized solution for accessing Window multipoint ServerTM; Userful MultiSeat TM...
    Can C71 and C75 be installed Wes OS or Linux OS?
    No, they have their own specified firmware in the chipset, force wipe firmware out will lead them to be malfunctioned.
    What is the chipset in C71 and C75 relevantly?
    C71 is TERA2321 chipset and C75 is E3869M6.
    Can C71 support dual display since there are two display output on the client?
    C71 support display signal from a DVI-D and a DIV-I; if dual link DIV output is required, a dual single-link DVI to dual-link DVI cable should be needed.
    Can 71 satisfy the demand of native support of communication encryption?
    C71 supports PCOIP which already have TLS encryption involved.
    What is the difference between ARM and X86?
    The primary difference between ARM and X86 is the processor, ARM process follow a RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) architecture while X86 processors are CISC (Complex Instruction set Architecture. This means that ARM ISA is relatively simple and most instructions execute in one clock cycle...
    Can the DP port be added to D660?
    Yes it can be added, even though DP port is optional.
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