Centerm Cooperates with Kaspersky in Kaspersky Secure Remote Workspace

On October 25-26, at the annual conference Kaspersky OS Day, Centerm thin client was presented for the Kaspersky Thin Client solution. This is a joint effort of Fujian Centerm Information Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Centerm”) and our Russian commercial partner.
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Centerm, ranked as the worldwide No.3 thin client/zero client/ Mini-PC manufacturer according to IDC report. Centerm devices are widely deployed around the world, providing mass production of thin clients and workstations for modern innovation enterprises. Our Russian partner TONK Group of Companies Ltd has exclusively represented the interests of Fujian Centerm Information Ltd. for more than 15 years on the territory of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and the countries of the former USSR.
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Centerm F620 will allow run huge project for providing workplaces for cyber-immune systems in the Kaspersky Secure Remote Workspace environment. “There is no doubt that during the period of chip shortage, delays in the supply of electronic components, we will be able to mass produce thin clients for Kaspersky OS on a tight schedule and thus support our technology and commercial partners,” said Mr. Zheng Hong, Fujian Centerm Information Ltd. CEO. “We are grateful to Kaspersky Lab for the fact that it was our device that became the basis for a great solution in cyberimmune systems. The use of Centerm F620 will ensure reliable and secure work in Kaspersky Secure Remote Workspace,” says Mikhail Ushakov, CEO of TONK Group of Companies Ltd.

Post time: Jul-26-2022

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