Centerm and Kaspersky Forge Strategic Partnership, Unveil Cutting-Edge Security Solution

Top executives from Kaspersky, a global leader in network security and digital privacy solutions, embarked on a significant visit to Centerm’s headquarters. This high-profile delegation included Kaspersky’s CEO, Eugene Kaspersky, Vice President of Future Technologies, Andrey Duhvalov, General Manager for Greater China, Alvin Cheng, andHead of KasperskyOS Business Unit, Andrey Suvorov. Their visit was marked by meetings with Centerm’s President, Zheng Hong, Vice President Huang Jianqing, Vice General Manager of the Intelligent Terminal Business Division, Zhang Dengfeng, Vice General Manager Wang Changjiong, Director of the International Business Department, Zheng Xu, and other key company leaders.

Leaders from Centerm and Kaspersky

Leaders from Centerm and Kaspersky

The visit provided a unique opportunity for the Kaspersky team to tour Centerm’s state-of-the-art facilities, including the smart exhibition hall, the innovative smart factory, and the cutting-edge research and development center laboratory. This tour was designed to provide a comprehensive insight into Centerm’s accomplishments in the field of smart industry development, the breakthroughs in key core technology, and the most recent smart solutions.

During the tour, the Kaspersky delegation had an up-close look at Centerm’s automated production workshop, where they witnessed the production process of Centerm’s Thin Client, gaining an appreciation of the lean production methods and robust capabilities that drive smart manufacturing. The visit also allowed them to experience firsthand the efficiency and management of Centerm’s smart factory.

Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of Kaspersky, was particularly impressed by Centerm’s accomplishments in the field of smart manufacturing and its innovative achievements.

The Kaspersky team visited Centerm’s exhibition hall and factory

The Kaspersky team visited Centerm’s exhibition hall and factory

Following the facility tour, Centerm and Kaspersky convened a strategic cooperation meeting. The discussions during this meeting touched upon various aspects of their collaboration, including strategic cooperation, product launches, market expansion, and industry applications. This was followed by a momentous signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation agreement and a press conference. Notable figures at the press conference included Centerm’s President, Zheng Hong, Vice President Huang Jianqing, Kaspersky’s CEO, Eugene Kaspersky, Vice President of Future Technologies, Andrey Duhvalov, and Greater China General Manager, Alvin Cheng.

Strategic cooperation meeting between Centerm and Kaspersky

Strategic cooperation meeting between Centerm and Kaspersky

During this event, the official signing of the “Centerm and Kaspersky Strategic Cooperation Agreement” was a significant milestone, formalizing their strategic partnership. Additionally, it marked the global launch of the pioneering Kaspersky secure remote workstation solution. This groundbreaking solution is tailor-made to meet the diverse and high-reliability security requirements of industry clients, fortifying their security posture with an intelligent and proactive security system.

Signing Ceremony1

Signing Ceremony2

Signing Ceremony

The secure remote workstation solution developed by Centerm and Kaspersky is currently undergoing pilot testing in Malaysia, Switzerland, and Dubai. In 2024, Centerm and Kaspersky will roll out this solution globally, catering to a wide array of industries, including finance, communications, manufacturing, healthcare, education, energy, and retail.

The press conference garnered the attention of numerous renowned media outlets, including CCTV, China News Service, Global Times, and Guangming Online, among others. During the Q&A session with reporters, Centerm’s President Zheng Hong, Vice General Manager of Intelligent Terminals Zhang Dengfeng, Kaspersky’s CEO Eugene Kaspersky, andHead of KasperskyOS Business Unit Andrey Suvorov provided insights on strategic positioning, market expansion, solution advantages, and technical collaboration.

Press conference

Press conference

In his remarks, Zheng Hong, President of Centerm, emphasized that the strategic cooperation between Centerm and Kaspersky marks a pivotal moment for both entities. This partnership not only enhances the optimization and advancement of their products but also delivers comprehensive solutions to a global clientele. He underscored the enormous market potential of Kaspersky secure remote workstation solution and expressed the commitment to promoting its widespread adoption across various industries.

Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of Kaspersky, commended Kaspersky secure remote workstation solution as a global exclusive, combining software and hardware technologies to excel in security. The integration of Kaspersky OS into thin clients provides inherent network immunity at the operating system level, effectively thwarting most network attacks.

The core advantages of this solution include:

System Protection and Security Immunity: Centerm’s Thin Client, powered by Kaspersky OS, ensures the security of the remote desktop infrastructure against the majority of network attacks.

Cost Control and Simplicity: The deployment and maintenance of Kaspersky Thin Client infrastructure are cost-effective and straightforward, especially for customers familiar with the Kaspersky Security Center platform.
Centralized Management and Flexibility: Kaspersky Security Center console enables centralized monitoring and management of thin clients, supporting the administration of numerous nodes, with automated registration and configuration for new devices.
Easy Migration and Automatic Updates: Security monitoring through the Kaspersky Security Center streamlines transitions from traditional workstations to thin clients, automating updates for all thin clients via centralized deployment.
Security Assurance and Quality: Centerm’s Thin Client, a compact model, is independently designed, developed, and manufactured, ensuring a secure and stable supply chain. It boasts high-performance CPUs, robust computing and display capabilities, and excellent local processing performance to meet industry demands.

Press conference1

Centerm and Kaspersky, through their strategic partnership and innovative solution, have opened new horizons in the world of cybersecurity and smart manufacturing. This collaboration is not only a testament to their technical expertise but also reflects their dedication and commitment to mutual success.

In the future, Centerm and Kaspersky will continue to explore new opportunities in the industry, leveraging their collective strengths to expand their presence in the global market and achieve shared success.

Post time: Oct-30-2023

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