Stratodesk and Centerm Join Forces to Provide Secure and Sustainable Endpoint Solutions to the Enterprise Market

San Francisco, Singapore, January,18, 2023 – Stratodesk, the pioneer of a secure managed operating system (OS) for modern workspaces, and Centerm, Global Top 3 enterprise client vendor, today announced the availability of Stratodesk NoTouch software across Centerm’s broad thin client portfolio. Stratodesk and Centerm As part of this strategic arrangement, Stratodesk and Centerm are committed to the delivery of solutions that comply with corporate security standards, maximize end user productivity, minimize TCO and complement sustainability policies in the enterprise.  Customers are now able to purchase thin clients, including Centerm’s next generation F640, with NoTouch OS preloaded.

Stratodesk’s focus is to make day-to-day IT operations seamless and the digital employee experience flexible and powerful. Stratodesk NoTouch transforms any new or existing laptops, thin clients, desktop computers, and hybrid devices into secure, powerful, enterprise Virtual Desktop. IT teams have the flexibility to choose their device, data and applications they need to do their job at any location.

“Centerm thin clients now available with Stratodesk’s market leading software is an incredible step forward for customers enabling a cost effective endpoint solution that can now meet the highest security requirements.  We are excited to work with Centerm and Stratodesk to bring this solution to market,” said Ahmad Tariq, Executive Manager with Delta Line International, the leading security provider in the Middle East.

“We prioritize delivering the utmost endpoint experience to our customers,” remarked Allen Lin, Sales Director at Centerm. “Through our collaboration with Stratodesk, clients gain access to seamlessly managed, advanced endpoints that fulfill their business, security, and sustainability requirements comprehensively.”

“Centerm’s product portfolio, supply chain and distribution coverage are a perfect match for Stratodesk’s secured OS.  Together Stratodesk and Centerm are addressing the most urgent requirements of enterprises worldwide,” said Harald Wittek, EMEA & APAC General Manager at Stratodesk. Centerm thin clients and terminals are available with Stratodesk NoTouch today. For inquiries, please visit:

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About Stratodesk

Founded in 2010, Stratodesk drives adoption of secure managed endpoints for accessing the corporate workspace. Stratodesk NoTouch software gives IT customers endpoint security and full manageability while allowing the flexibility to choose endpoint hardware, workspace solution, cloud or on-premises deployment, and the cost consumption model that fits their business.

Through its U.S. and European offices, Stratodesk is growing a disruptive community of channel partners and technology providers committed to modernizing and digitizing workspaces. Today, with one million licenses deployed globally across multiple industries, Stratodesk prides itself on its authenticity and dedication to delivering the most innovative software solution to its customers. For more information, visit

About Centerm

Established in 2002, Centerm stands as a leading enterprise client vendor globally, ranking among the top three, and is recognized as China’s foremost VDI endpoint device provider. The product range encompasses a variety of devices, from thin clients and Chromebooks to smart terminals and mini PCs. Operating with advanced manufacturing facilities and stringent quality control measures, Centerm integrates research, development, production, and sales seamlessly.

With a robust team exceeding 1,000 professionals and 38 branches, Centerm’s expansive marketing and service network spans across more than 40 countries and regions, including Asia, Europe, North and South America, among others. Centerm innovative solutions cater to diverse sectors including banking, insurance, government, telecommunications, and education. For more information, visit

Post time: Jan-18-2024

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