Centerm Solutions Receive Extensive Attention in Digital Kyrgyzstan 2024

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, February 28, 2024 – Centerm, Global Top 3 enterprise client vendor, and Tonk Asia, a leading Kyrgyz IT company, jointly participated in Digital Kyrgyzstan 2024, one of the largest ICT event in Central Asia. The exhibition was held on February 28, 2024 in Sheraton Hotel in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Centerm’s laptops were the focus of attention at the exhibition. The company showcased its latest laptops, tablet, mini PC, SmartPOS, and the world’s first cyber immunity endpoint. The laptops were met with great interest from visitors, who were impressed by their sleek design, powerful performance, and advanced security features. 下载 The Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan, Akylbek Zhaparov, visited the Centerm booth and was highly impressed with the company’s solutions. He praised Centerm’s commitment to innovation and its focus on providing secure and reliable payment solutions

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About Centerm Established in 2002, Centerm stands as a leading enterprise client vendor globally, ranking among the top three, and is recognized as China’s foremost VDI endpoint device provider. The product range encompasses a variety of devices, from thin clients and Chromebooks to smart terminals and mini PCs. Operating with advanced manufacturing facilities and stringent quality control measures, Centerm integrates research, development, production, and sales seamlessly. With a robust team exceeding 1,000 professionals and 38 branches, Centerm’s expansive marketing and service network spans across more than 40 countries and regions, including Asia, Europe, North and South America, among others. Centerm innovative solutions cater to diverse sectors including banking, insurance, government, telecommunications, and education. For more information, visit

Post time: Feb-28-2024

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