Centerm and Kaspersky Forge Alliance to Launch Cutting-Edge Cyber Immunity Solutions

Dubai, UAE – April 18, 2024 – Centerm, Global Top 1 enterprise client vendor, launched a range of innovative Cyber Immunity solutions  at the Kaspersky Cyber Immunity Conference 2024, held in Dubai on April 18. The conference brought together government cybersecurity officials, Kaspersky experts, and key partners to discuss the future of cybersecurity and explore the development of cyber-immune systems.

Centerm, invited as a leading industry representative, played an active role in the conference. Mr. Zheng Xu, Centerm’s International Sales Director, delivered a welcome speech on behalf of Centerm, highlighting their commitment to collaborating with Kaspersky. He emphasized their focus on building the Kaspersky ecosystem and expanding the global market through cooperation in multiple fields.


Centerm Earns Recognition for Dedication to Cyber Immunity

In addition to announcing the alliance, Centerm was honored with the Kaspersky Cyber Immunity Champion Award at the conference. This prestigious award acknowledges Centerm’s dedication to developing and deploying advanced Cyber Immunity solutions.


Centerm Showcases Pioneering Solutions

Centerm took the opportunity to showcase its innovative solutions and products at the conference, including the industry-leading Cyber Immunity Thin Client Solution, and the Smart City Solution. These solutions generated significant interest from industry professionals and media, further solidifying Centerm’s position as a global technology leader.

Centerm and Kaspersky Collaborate on Groundbreaking Cyber Immunity Thin Client Solution

A key highlight of the conference was the unveiling of the groundbreaking Cyber Immunity Thin Client Solution, a collaborative effort by Centerm and Kaspersky. This seamless integration of hardware and software features the industry’s smallest thin client, designed, developed, and manufactured entirely by Centerm. Equipped with Kaspersky OS, the solution boasts not only cyber immunity but also inherent security built into the operating system architecture. This ensures it meets the diverse and demanding security needs of various industries.


The Cyber Immunity Conference provided a valuable platform for Centerm to introduce the Cyber Immunity Thin Client Solution to a wider audience of overseas customers. Following successful large-scale implementation in Russia, the solution is currently undergoing pilot programs in Thailand, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Switzerland, Dubai, and other countries. Centerm is actively promoting the solution for global adoption.

Centerm Unveils Smart Edge Computing Platform for Smart Cities

Driven by the rise of Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G technologies, smart cities are rapidly emerging as the future of urban development. To address this trend, Centerm introduced the Smart Edge Computing Platform, designed to create smart, resilient, and livable cities. The platform utilizes cloud box products equipped with deeply customized systems, high-performance eight-core processors, and built-in hardware encryption chips, enabling comprehensive information security management for the entire software and hardware solution.

In collaboration with Kaspersky, Centerm will jointly promote the Smart Edge Computing Platform to the global market. The platform’s functionalities encompass various smart city applications, including smart transportation, smart municipal administration, smart scenic spots, and smart security. Its highly open architecture allows for swift and effective integration with other smart city applications. By constructing intelligent urban infrastructure, urban IoT perception systems, and various smart platforms, the Smart Edge Computing Platform can realize early warning and emergency protection of critical urban lifelines.


Centerm Embarks on Global Expansion

Centerm’s participation in the Kaspersky Cyber Immunity Conference effectively showcased the company’s exceptional technical expertise and a series of groundbreaking achievements, solidifying its position as a leader in the intelligent technology sector. Moving forward, Centerm will work closely with global industry customers, agents, and partners to establish a comprehensive cooperation model that fosters win-win development and unlocks new opportunities in the overseas market.

About Centerm 

Founded in 2002, Centerm has established itself as a global leader in enterprise client solutions. Ranked among the top three globally and recognized as China’s leading VDI endpoint device provider, Centerm offers a comprehensive product portfolio encompassing thin clients, Chromebooks, smart terminals, and mini PCs. With a team of over 1,000 skilled professionals and a network of 38 branches, Centerm’s extensive marketing and service network spans more than 40 countries and regions across Asia, Europe, North and South America. For more information, visit

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