Centerm Unveils Chromebook M610 at Google for Education 2024 Partner Forum

Singapore, April 24 – Centerm, Global Top 1 enterprise client vendor, announced the launch of the Centerm Chromebook M610, a new education-focused laptop developed in collaboration with Google. The unveiling took place at Google for Education 2024 Partner Forum, an annual event that brings together Google industry experts and top partners to discuss digital transformation in education and emerging technologies.


Designed for Education

The Centerm Chromebook M610 garnered significant attention at the showcase. This latest addition to the Google ecosystem is designed specifically for K-12 students and teachers. Powered by Intel chips and Google’s Titan C security chip, the Chromebook seamlessly integrates with Google tools and services, offering enhanced stability and user experience. Additionally, it features built-in security features that safeguard user data and devices.

Meeting Educational Needs

The Centerm Chromebook M610 caters to the specific needs of educational settings, making it ideal for use in schools, community colleges, and other institutions. It comes pre-installed with the Google Apps platform, providing access to a wealth of educational resources and support tools. Students and teachers can leverage Google’s rich educational resources, enabling diverse teaching interactions and a more intelligent and efficient learning experience.


Centerm and Google: A Strong Partnership

Centerm and Google have maintained a close partnership, combining their strengths to make a significant impact in the Asia Pacific education market. Centerm will continue to collaborate with Google, Intel, and other partners to continuously refine its education IT solutions, further developing a new digital ecosystem for education. This commitment ensures that digital technologies reach every educational setting.


About Centerm 

Founded in 2002, Centerm has established itself as a global leader in enterprise client solutions. Ranked among the top three globally and recognized as China’s leading VDI endpoint device provider, Centerm offers a comprehensive product portfolio encompassing thin clients, Chromebooks, smart terminals, and mini PCs. With a team of over 1,000 skilled professionals and a network of 38 branches, Centerm’s extensive marketing and service network spans more than 40 countries and regions across Asia, Europe, North and South America. For more information, visit

Post time: Apr-28-2024

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